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Ice Houses deliver Twice the Ice

Introducing a revolutionary approach to ice sales that will forever change the way bagged and bulk ice is sold.

Now that you found us, you have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of this innovative approach to ice sales.

The Ice House manufactures it's own ice, bags it, and drops it out like a can of soda. Ice Houses are placed in commercial parking lots to provide the convenience of an ATM machine. They are fully automated, unmanned ice vending machines that save the consumer both time and money. In addition, ice made by an Ice House is never touched by human hands, possibly making it the cleanest, safest ice on the planet.


Discover the benefits of becoming an Ice House Owner

  • One time investment

  • No onsite employees

  • Minimal time commitment

  • Flexible schedule

  • Recurring cash flow

  • Owning multiple machines

  • Developing an exclusive area


US Patent #693212482

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Very Few Businesses offer
such a high return on your investment
as an Ice House does.

Ideal for individuals, partners, or investor groups.

Texas Heat + Ice House = Unbelievable Business

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